Wellness to Wholeness

  • Beyond Wellness to Wholeness – Many of you are familiar with the concept of wellness and do your best to achieve it, for example, you eat a healthy diet, exercise and get plenty of rest. But how do you move beyond wellness and connect to what Thomas Merton called your “hidden wholeness?”   Join us for this small group monthly experience of the 4 C’s – time spent in Centeredness – mindfulness type activities , Creativity – creative expression, Community – sharing with one another and Caring – taking your best self out into the world. These activities will help you find wholeness during times when you are well and even times when you aren’t.  
  • Benefits of Gratitude – Did you know research shows that gratitude benefits you in multiple ways? At this session we will learn more about the many benefits of gratitude and how to practice more of it in your daily life. You’ll be grateful you attended!
  • Having Fun with Haiku – Whether you are a prolific haiku writer or someone who has never written one before, please join us for a fun time of learning about and writing haiku! Haiku is a three line, non-rhyming form of Japanese poetry open to all. Some say that haiku is more than poetry and the practice of writing it helps you enjoy life more!
  • Hidden Wholeness - Using Parker Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life – Welcoming the Soul and Weaving Community in a Wounded World, this series of meetings is about attending to your own soul. As we study the book and ourselves, we will each have the opportunity to learn from each other and our own inner teacher.
  • Unique Assignments – Each individual contributes to the world in a unique way. This meeting includes an activity in which participants find two words that represent their unique role/assignment and learn how their assignment fits with all the others.