Spiritual Wellness

  • Why Should I Care About Spiritual Wellness? - This program will define spiritual wellness, help you understand its impact on your health, and explore ways to incorporate the components of spiritual wellness into your life.
  • Spiritual Decision Making - Spiritual wellness includes listening to our inner teacher. In this program we will explore spiritual decision making as it includes opening ourselves, paying attention and responding to this inner teacher.          
  • Loss and Spiritual Wellness - We all experience loss in our lives. This program explores grieving as a spiritual process and discusses the possible gifts that come from it when you have the patience and courage to pay attention to this journey.
  • Spirituality and Grief Group - The grief process is a spiritual journey that is helped by having companions on the way. In this group, you will have a safe space to share your experience of grief with others on their own journey and together support one another as grow through it.
  • Spiritual Parenting - In today’s world, many parents feel overwhelmed with their responsibilities and don’t feel they have the time to nurture their own or their children’s’ spiritual lives. In this program, we’ll discuss the Parents’ Hours, a way for parents to seize the opportunities that are a part of their everyday lives and use these moments to open themselves and their children to spirituality. These hours don’t expect parents to do it all, but instead encourage parents to turn what they already do into pathways of spirituality for themselves and their children.
  • Honoring Transitions in Your Life – Our culture often encourages us to quickly “get over” life’s many transitions, losses and changes. This program provides information about how to recognize, allow and honor these transitions to help you grow and get the most from the experiences.
  • Living “Divided No More” ‐ Using Parker Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life – Welcoming the Soul and Weaving Community in a Wounded World, this program is about attending to your own soul. As we study the book and ourselves, we will each have the opportunity to learn from each other and our own inner teacher.
  • Spiritual Practice of Writing Haiku - Haiku is a three line, non-rhyming form of Japanese poetry that embraces the moment and invites others into it. In this program we will learn that poetry is an excellent release and ancient art form open to all, and that the process involved in composing a haiku is actually a spiritual practice.

Spirituality and Health Programs - Studies have shown that spirituality can affect your health, both in good health and in disease. It wasn’t until modern times that spirituality was separated from health care. These programs are designed to help individuals look at the role their spirituality has on their health and to address ways to dislodge any blocks to their spiritual wellness.

  • Spirituality, Your Body and Wholeness We gain knowledge through our brain, our heart and our bodies. In this program we will explore ways to listen to and respond to the messages our bodies give us. Responding to our bodies’ communication is a part of our spiritual journey and can help lead us towards health and wholeness.
  • Searching for Our Hidden Wholeness in a Broken Time – When we experience health related issues, we often feel broken. This program is about information and activities that can help us connect to that hidden wholeness within.
  • Do You Get Enough Vitamin N? - Spending time in nature can have a transformative effect on our lives. This program will explore the benefits the natural world can have on our health, wellness and soul development.