• Freedom Through Forgiveness – We’ve all been hurt by someone or something at one time in our lives, and part of the healing process involves forgiveness. Often misunderstood, forgiveness is not simply passive acquiescence, but rather a process shaped by certain practices. And while forgiving can be hard, it will ultimately benefit you and lead to increased freedom. This is a six-week academically studied program on Becoming a More Forgiving Person. In this program, we will learn about the REACH method of forgiveness and ways to experience it ourselves. For employers, this program will address how forgiveness can affect the well-being of your organization.
  • Forgiveness and Your Health – Holding on to unforgiveness can affect your health. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about what forgiveness is and what it isn’t. For example, forgiveness is ultimately for your benefit and it doesn’t have to be reconciliation. In this program we learn about forgiveness, how it affects your health and ways to help you forgive.