• The Grace in Aging - At this session, we’ll have a conversation about the gift of years and the grace in aging. We focus on different aspects of this process, including, agelessness, letting go, joy, regret, etc.
  • Grandfathers’ Wisdom - If you had a wish for your grandchildren, what would it be? What one thing would you like to tell young people? What advice would you give to your 20 year old self? At this session you’ll share your answers to these questions and more. You’re welcome to join whether you’re a grandfather in your own family or in the community.
  • Grandmothers Sharing - What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were younger? Would you like to share some of this wisdom with women of another generation? At this session we’ll have a conversation about these topics. All grandmothers are invited, whether you have grandchildren or are simply a grandmother to our community.
  • Life Stories and Legacies Circle - Join me for a time to learn about and begin working on different ways to share your stories and preserve your legacies. From stories behind family heirlooms, to stories of your life, wisdom you’ve gained and how you want to be remembered, we will discuss various methods to capture and document what has mattered most in your life. 
  • Reflections - Join me for a time of reflecting on your life and telling some of your many stories. We will discuss different topics and the implications of your experiences. Previous discussion topics have included: major branching points; your family; role of money; major life work or career; your health and body; your experiences with and ideas about death; your spiritual life and values; your loves and hates; role of music, art or literature; your experiences with stress; roads you have not taken; and your goals and aspirations. Resources will be available to help you write your own stories, but writing is not required. All that is needed is your presence.
  • Sharing Holiday Memories - When you think of holidays over the years, are there certain memories that stand out? Please join me for a festive time of sharing these memories and exchanging small gifts. You are each invited to come with a special memory and an ornament to give to a neighbor in a fun white elephant gift exchange. This ornament can be something you had, something you made or something you purchased.