Grief and Loss

  • Grief Companioning ‐ The grief process is a spiritual journey that is helped by having companions on the way. During these sessions, you will have a safe space to embrace your grief which in turn will help you to grow through it. Typically we meet for one hour, with varying frequency.
  • Grief Education and Support Group - In this group, you will have a safe space to share your experience of grief with others on their own journey and together support one another as you grow through it.
  • Loss and Spiritual Wellness - We all experience loss in our lives. This program explores grieving as a spiritual process and discusses the possible gifts that come from it when you have the patience and courage to pay attention to this journey.
  • Embracing a New Life – This is a time to participate in practices and learn skills to help you through changes and transitions in your life. Whether you are adjusting to a new living arrangement, health problems for you and/or a loved one, the death of someone dear, aspects of aging, etc., you are welcome here. Participation in the earlier sessions is not necessary.
  • Forever Fridays – Do you sometimes get caught in thinking you have “forever” to take care of things and live fully now? Welcome to Forever Fridays, the time to take care of those things! With input from participants, sessions can include topics such as bucket lists, appropriate end of life documents, instructions to the funeral director, hospice, what happens as we die, eulogies and obituaries. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” I invite you to come live and learn.
  • Remembering Lost Loved Ones During the Holidays – The holiday season can be hard when you’ve lost someone you love. At this gathering we’ll discuss ways to celebrate the holidays while remembering your loved ones and taking care of yourself. Each person will leave with a small item of remembrance.